“I love how challenging and exciting every single workout is. With the workouts changing every day I never know what to expect and can walk in with a clear head, ready to work! The positive attitude Reese and the others in class exude help me want to push harder, challenging me with things I NEVER thought I could do! If a change of healthy lifestyle and appearance is something you are looking for, you really need to come in and see what it’s all about!”
Lysa Vandenberg
“Reese has been my trainer for over a year now and I have gotten more results working with him than all my previous years of training. His sessions are challenging which has helped me look lean and toned. I always leave feeling strong and empowered! I am in the best shape of my life because he inspires me to reach greater fitness goals!”
Debbie Gale
“We are thrilled after a couple of months with the results we got from working out at ProFormance Fitness! Our expectations were to get on track with our fitness and health, but it turned out we got a lot more…We lost 45 lbs between the two of us, melted inches away, toned and feel strong and energized! We went from being skeptics about weight training to being believers! We enjoy working out as a couple in a private gym environment and appreciate how Reese is accomodating to our busy work schedule and how sessions are always professional, challenging and never boring!”
LuZahn & Etienne Theron
“Reese and ProFormance Fitness gave me the push I needed to get where I wanted to be and am today! So happy with my results. All the hard work was made easy by the fun and comfortable environment. I actually have PIPES! Which way is the beach?! Reese is a great trainer and his facility accommodated all my needs. I felt he listened, understood and delivered results for all concerns and problem areas.

Personally, working with the weights was something I felt had the biggest impact on my body composition. I feel I was able to do twice as much work in half the time, burning calories while I toned and hardened softer areas. Thanks so much for helping me feel this great and having the body to show for it!”

Lonneke Moerman
“Since I started training with Reese I’ve really developed a whole new respect for fitness. He’s made me realize it’s not just about getting skinny, it’s about over all health, strengthening your muscles while leaning out. I always look forward to my workouts at ProFormance and now with classes available, I can train 5 days a week!”
Naomi Fossett
At 75 years of age,I was recovering from a long series of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The biggest side effect of the treatments was a near loss of my legs. I could walk only a few metres and my legs would stop functioning. Climbing stairs was a major ordeal and I had to literally pull myself up every flight using the railing. Worst of all, for me, I was unable to get in or out of my canoe without the use of a rope to lower myself in and to pull myself out.

I had numerous tests and was sent to three different specialists to try to resolve the problem. By chance I saw Reese’s sign for personal training and thought, “I’ve tried everything else, why not give this a shot.” It turned out to be the best investment I have made in years. Reese organized a set of workouts and exercises designed specifically to help rebuild my legs. There is much to be said for supervised exercise directed by someone who is trained and skilled. Within three weeks, I was able to navigate stairs again, and gradually, the distance I could walk increased. I can now use my legs to get in and out of my canoe, which is very important to me.

My training program has been extended to upper body work as well. Having a professional trainer removes the fear of injuring myself from over exertion or the wrong choice of exercise, and this is particularly important for seniors. Reese has been sensitive and alert to my special needs resulting from the radiation damage, and gradually worked me into a full body program. The result has been amazing. Not only have my legs recovered and my strength increased, but I have acquired an overall feeling of health and well being. This alone would make working with Reese well worth the time and investment, but the recovery of the full use of my legs restored my confidence and pulled me out of a growing depression.

Lazar Puhalo